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Is your engine trying to tell you something? Strange sounds, changes in function or reduced performance can be signs an issue has developed. Bringing your car in to be checked sooner rather than later by one of our trained Mercedes Benz specialists is the safest bet. MB Star Motors will identify the cause of the...
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Planning a road trip? Prep your Mercedes Benz for the journey ahead. Western Australia is a beautiful place with an endless array of road trip destinations. Whenever a long weekend approaches, the team at MB Star Motors are busy prepping client cars for hours (and days) of driving. Meeting your needs If you’ve decided to...
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Between potential lockdowns and possible bushfires, the next few months could require extra care to keep your Mercedes in peak condition. The MB Star Motors team knows some luxury vehicles have experienced breaks from usual driving routines and possibly unprecedented conditions on the roads.  Below are some tips to help combat potential issues arising. Please...
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The New Year is a time to say goodbye to the past and look forward to the future.  Mercedes-Benz is doing so by constantly striving to introduce ground-breaking designs that will bring viable sustainability to the forefront of the luxury vehicle industry. Here at MB Star Motors, we are familiar with every Mercedes model and...
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