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Car Care: Lockdown and Bushfire Season

Between potential lockdowns and possible bushfires, the next few months could require extra care to keep your Mercedes in peak condition. The MB Star Motors team knows some luxury vehicles have experienced breaks from usual driving routines and possibly unprecedented conditions on the roads.  Below are some tips to help combat potential issues arising. Please […]


Finding the perfect gift for a Mercedes Benz enthusiast

Whether a present for a loved one or a group gifting effort, we can help spoil the Mercedes Benz owner in your life. Trying to find the time to Christmas shop can be exhausting. Worse, in the rush you can end up making questionable choices. Maybe 2020 is the year to choose a practical gift […]


The Allure of AMG

Simply put, AMG GmbH is what happens when engineers love what they do, and put their passion and energy into improving engine performance. At MB Star Motors, we’re big fans of the Mercedes-Benz division producing these incredible vehicles. Australia constitutes the largest per-capita market for AMG products globally. Not surprising, since we love prestige vehicles […]


What to Watch Out for in Winter

Being able to recognise the signs your Benz needs a little help can save Mercedes owners money and hassle in the long run, minimising the chance of a major mishap. Last blog we covered the basic service needs you should consider as the weather cools. This time we want to offer further insight to ensure […]


Prepping Your Merc For Winter

Are you really ready for wet weather driving? At MB Star Motors we pride ourselves on helping make sure clients aren’t experiencing unnecessary risk on the roads. While Mercedes Benz produce prestige vehicles celebrate innovative technology, regular maintenance remains essential. According to the Government of Western Australia Road Safety Commission so far this year 75 […]