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Is your heating system ready for the cooler months? Here are common signs and causes pointing to your European prestige vehicle requiring care.

Western Australia isn’t known for its cooler climates but when the chill hits, especially late at night or during early hours of the morning, a car heating system working at peak capacity becomes imperative.

Mercedes-Benz put a lot of effort into their heating system designs and specifications as many Mercedes owners live in colder locations. With the right care, your car will keep you in heated comfort through the winter months.

Interior isn’t warming, or is warming erratically

Slow or ineffective heating of the car’s interior, as well as irregularity in the air temperature, can point to a number of potential issues. Some, such as a problem with your thermostat, can have repercussions on more than one system.


By seeking a professional opinion early, you reduce the risk of the problem becoming complicated and expensive. If the heater problem is combining with irregularities in engine functioning, you need to reach out to us asap.

The heating isn’t doing anything, or the heating is too hot

Sometimes the problem can come from the controls themselves, rather than the system. It is possible there is an electrical or wiring fault that means the command isn’t getting through effectively.

For example, while a malfunction with the fan itself might be the cause, there is a chance the part is working fine—but isn’t receiving the signal to activate, due to a break in electrical messaging somewhere along the line.

Heating system not self-regulating the air temperature? A few reasons could be behind this fault, spanning problems with a valve, flap, or hose. Our Mercedes-Benz factory trained technicians will ascertain the cause.

For those only getting a response from your system on certain settings or no response at all, the blower motor may be at the heart of the issue, or perhaps the blower motor resistors. Either way, we recommend seeking expert care.


The glass is fogging up

Experiencing reduced visibility? One possibility is an issue with the heater core. While these are pricier to replace, don’t panic just yet. The heater core could be clogged with dust and debris, and simply require cleaning.

Another potential cause of foggy interiors is an issue with your coolant levels. When the levels are dropping far too quickly, and the interior is repeatedly fogging up, you may be suffering a leak somewhere.

Auxiliary Heating

Do you understand auxiliary heating, in regards to your Mercedes-Benz? Being able to heat your car up before you drive is a great feature. If unsure, or having problems with the function, ask our friendly service advisor next time you’re in for a service.

Keep up your service schedule

Sounds simple, but often it’s too easy to let regular maintenance and checks slip by the wayside, with unexpected repercussions. For example, a lack of sufficient coolant could impact the performance of your heating system.


Let us know if there is an issue

Dismissing a problematic heating system risks further, more costly issues developing down the track. Here at MB Star Motors, we’re always available to answer any questions, or address any concerns you have regarding your vehicle’s various systems.

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