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Here at MB Star Motors we offer pre-purchase inspections to help you determine if the price of your next Mercedes-Benz or Mercedes-AMG acquisition is a fair reflection of the vehicle’s current condition.

While there are many wonderful pre-owned Mercedes on the market, it’s important to be certain of the vehicle you’re considering. Unlike a new vehicle, a used car doesn’t have the same warranty conditions to protect your investment.

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Do I really require a pre-purchase inspection?

Our Mercedes-Benz technicians spend all day working on a wide array of Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG models. Who better to offer a comprehensive inspection pinpointing potential problems in the near future?

Many of our clients have a solid understanding of Mercedes engines, yet still bring potential buys in for a pre-purchase inspection. We recommend inspections to avoid missing an issue where complex components and systems are involved.

Parts and maintenance

The Mercedes you’re eyeing off might be a great buy—until you delve further. Parts for a particular model could be harder to source, with a higher price tag. The design may be prone to more frequent servicing and repair needs.


Vehicle history

How a Mercedes-Benz has been treated by previous owners will have a definite impact on the vehicle’s value. Sourcing information on the vehicle’s history (not just mileage) is invaluable when considering purchasing.

Our Mercedes-Benz trained technicians ascertain through the pre-purchase inspection if the present owner has likely maintained regular servicing and take note of any replacement parts that may be of inferior quality.

We get it

At MB Star Motors, we understand your motivation. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are beautiful machines, comfortable and striking, with easy brand recognition. Mercedes is known for ingenious designs that prioritise safety, performance and innovation.

Even better, a used Mercedes will cost you noticeably less than a new Mercedes. The goal of our pre-purchase inspection is to provide information that creates a clearer understanding of possible future financial requirements for the selected vehicle.

Your support team

Our goal is to be the go-to service provider once you decide on a purchase. As a buyer, you want a long-term peak performing vehicle. We offer realistic feedback on the cost of achieving that, given the vehicle’s present condition.

As Mercedes enthusiasts, we enjoy the opportunity to work on a wide array of models. For more than a decade, MB Star Motors has provided Western Australia with exemplary Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG care.

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Let us help you make a smart choice

We understand buying a car is both exciting and a financial commitment. Being passionate about Mercedes luxury vehicles, we enjoy offering advice and are always on standby to address any issues our clients encounter.

If you’re mulling over a possible used Mercedes purchase, contact MB Star Motors on 08 9240 6633 or email us at admin@mbstarmotors.com.au to organise a pre-purchase inspection before making your final decision.

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