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Between potential lockdowns and possible bushfires, the next few months could require extra care to keep your Mercedes in peak condition.

The MB Star Motors team knows some luxury vehicles have experienced breaks from usual driving routines and possibly unprecedented conditions on the roads.  Below are some tips to help combat potential issues arising.

Please note: If you have queries regarding workshop safety procedures during COVID19, talk to our customer service team. We offer contactless car servicing and repairs and practice a comprehensive in-car sanitisation process.

Embers and Airconditioning

You may not be close to a bushfire but that doesn’t mean ash and embers don’t drift, especially when carried by strong winds.  In these situations, keep your air-conditioner and heating switched off and vents closed.

Bring your luxury vehicle in if you feel recent conditions were less than ideal, or if cooling and heating functions seem to be experiencing reduced performance.  An early maintenance response could help minimise damage.


Engine and Extreme Heat

We’ve seen the wear and tear Western Australia’s hot summer days can cause for any car. Imagine how much more stress your vehicle is under when dealing with radiant heat from a bushfire.

Prioritise regular servicing to avoid placing unnecessary added pressure on your engine. Give the MB Star Motors customer service team a call if uncertain.  Depending on conditions, our technicians can advise if a check-up would be best.

The Smoke Factor

Bushfire smoke may impact your health due to the particles present in the mix.  If the road ahead is filling with smoke, be sure to close windows and vents in your vehicle.  This is good for the driver, passengers and car interior.

Because of potential substances in the smoke, a car interior clean and detailing is recommended to reduce the risk of damage from any chemicals present and eliminate the accompanying strong scent.



Caught in a Bushfire?

Obviously being caught in your car during a bushfire is less than ideal and early evacuation is encouraged.  If not possible, there are guidelines from West Australia’s Department of Fire & Emergency Services to make staying in your home safer.

For those travelling during a bushfire, the DFES recommends packing an emergency kit to have in the car with you that includes woollen blankets, drinking water and protective clothing.

If there is a lot of smoke, they suggest:

  • Slowing down in case of people, vehicles and livestock on the road.
  • Turning car headlights and hazard lights on.
  • Closing windows and outside vents.
  • If you can’t see clearly, pulling over and waiting for smoke to clear.

Lockdown Car Care


Your battery may suffer if your car remains unused for weeks.  If possible, reversing down the drive and returning to the garage can help, although a short drive would be best, as it also assists with engine and tyre care.

Fill your tank prior to lockdown to combat condensation.  Servicing and repairs during lockdown depend on government specifications.  Reach out as we may be able to help, depending on your needs and the situation.

Contact Us

Have any questions?  The MB Star Motors team are available to assist.  A member of our team is always contactable and depending on specific lockdown conditions, our workshop may be open to bookings.

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