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Planning a road trip? Prep your Mercedes Benz for the journey ahead.

Western Australia is a beautiful place with an endless array of road trip destinations. Whenever a long weekend approaches, the team at MB Star Motors are busy prepping client cars for hours (and days) of driving.


Meeting your needs

If you’ve decided to hit WA’s national parks, make sure your Benz won’t be potentially damaged by the terrain. Certain models are better suited to different conditions. Research ahead to make sure your car can handle the planned route.

Those things you keep putting off…

If you know items like brake pads, belts and air filters require replacing, come see us before hitting the road. Long hours behind the wheel puts extra pressure on a vehicle’s systems. Replacing parts sooner rather than later is safest.

Stock up

Extra fluids on hand for your engine can save a lot of time and hassle. At MB Star Motors, our Liqui Moly 1L top-up containers are road trip lifesavers that can be easily stored in the boot on standby.

Book a service

If your service is overdue, get in touch with MB Star Motors. Our customer service team will work to fit you in before you head off on a road trip. Nothing is worse than dealing with sudden car troubles on a relaxing break.



Vital questions to ask yourself about your tyres before a road trip:

  • When were my tyres last rotated?
  • How’s the tread?
  • Have I checked air pressure recently?
  • Is my spare tyre in decent condition?
  • Do I have tools on hand to change the tyre?

Environment and conditions

Understand and respect the limits of your vehicle. Do you know what steps to take if stuck in mud? Best precautions for driving on sandy surfaces? How much water is safe to drive through? Research before you set out.

Safety check

Sure, it seems as if blinkers and lights are working, but best get out of the vehicle and check. Sometimes the driver is the last to know! Lower the music while driving and listen out for any weird noises that indicate a possible issue.

The extras

We all know that in Western Australia the heat can reach extreme levels, so having water in the car, at all times, makes sense. If getting adventurous, a basic first aid kit is a good idea too! It never hurts to stock up a bit before you hit the road.


Do you know where you’re going?

It’s probably a good idea to update your GPS prior to heading out. If the plan includes an isolated location you’ve never visited before, best not to rely solely on your online connection. Keep a paper map in the glove box, just in case.

Have a great time!

Nothing like enjoying a drive on a sunny day in a premium condition Mercedes Benz. If you have any issues before or after your trip, get in touch with our team of experienced Mercedes Benz factory trained technicians.

Enjoy the roads in your prestige vehicle. We’ll see you when you get back!

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