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Is your engine trying to tell you something? Strange sounds, changes in function or reduced performance can be signs an issue has developed.

Bringing your car in to be checked sooner rather than later by one of our trained Mercedes Benz specialists is the safest bet. MB Star Motors will identify the cause of the problem, and suggest possible solutions.

At MB Star Motors we recognise it can sometimes be quicker and more efficient to remove the engine and repair on an engine stand. Our goal is always to repair your car quickly, causing minimal inconvenience.


Below are half a dozen tell-tale indicators of problematic engine function. (We recommend every now and again you drive without the music on. Your car may already be showing signs of a developing issue.)

Unfamiliar noise

Strange sounds are not the sign of an engine in prime condition. Is it a rattling, tapping or a pinging noise? There are myriad possible reasons. And while the sound sometimes fades, you risk the underlying issue remaining.

*Please note, it’s imperative a mechanic check what is causing that noise to avoid serious engine damage over time. Bring your vehicle in, or if your service is due soon, inform our technicians during drop off.


A problem with the air to fuel ratio could be making your car stall. A part may need replacing; leaks or cracks are a possibility. The issue might not be the engine, but something else. Our technicians will pinpoint the cause.


Oily residue

Have you noticed oil on the ground where your Mercedes Benz usually parks? Perhaps your car isn’t leaking, but a burning smell persists? Oil leaks can be indicators of a valve, filter or seal requiring tightening or replacing.


Experiencing increased vibration while driving? This is often attributed to the tyres, but be aware there could be a range of other causes, from spark plug issues to a need for new engine mounts.

Reduced speed

If your vehicle is lacking acceleration, the engine is likely not performing at its optimal level. Have your air filters been replaced in the last year? Whatever the cause, take this as a sign a check-up is needed.

Exhaust smoke

Increased engine smoke likely means minor or even major repairs are needed. Take note of the colour of the smoke. Don’t keep driving. Ignoring the problem risks the worst case scenario of serious engine damage.

Don’t forget your service

Neglect your service schedule, and costly issues may develop. If due for a service soon, let us know of any irregularities in your car’s performance so we can catch the problem sooner rather than later.


We have the technology

At MB Star Motors we have the premium diagnostic equipment needed to identify the cause of your engine troubles, and a team trained to use it. We take our reputation as Perth’s Mercedes Benz experts seriously.

If worried there might be an emerging problem with your luxury vehicle, give our expert customer service team a call on 08 9240 6633 or email admin@mbstarmotors.com.au for a booking.

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