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What to Watch Out for in Winter



Being able to recognise the signs your Benz needs a little help can save Mercedes owners money and hassle in the long run, minimising the chance of a major mishap.

Last blog we covered the basic service needs you should consider as the weather cools. This time we want to offer further insight to ensure your car cruises through the chilly season.

Below are pointers from the MB Star Motors team on what to look out for in the colder months, as well as top tips that make for a smoother ride on winter roads.

Think of it as a heads up from us. Working on Mercedes Benz prestige vehicles day in and day out means we’ve picked up a few tricks over the years!

Maintaining clear vision while on the move

Signs your wiper blades require renewal include:

  • jumping
  • shuddering
  • smearing
  • surface left unclean
  • noisy motion

Chances are the rubber blade has worn past its life span, and likely hardened.

Did you know once an issue develops, you run the risk of permanently scratched glass? Be sure to organise new wiper blades sooner, rather than later.


HANDY TIP: If a heavy downpour results in obscured vision through your front window, consider treating glass with a trustworthy water repellent. Rain-X can be found at most auto parts stores.

CLEVER TRICK: Want a fast way to de-mist your windows in winter? Leave the air conditioner on, but turn the setting to heat. This will speed up the process. Hot air heats the glass, defusing the fog, while the air conditioner ensures the hot air emerging from the evaporator has less humidity.

Keeping an eye on your tyres

Watch out for signs your tyres may be worn, and due to be changed soon. Ask yourself:

  • Does taking off from the traffic lights spin the wheels?
  • When accelerating, is your traction control/ESP light flashing on? (This indicates the computer is intervening due to poor traction.)

If the answer is yes to either of the above, bring in your vehicle and we’ll take a look at the condition of your tyres. Driving with subpar wheels during winter can be dangerous.

WE SUGGEST:  For improved grip on the road during cold and wet weather, consider lowering tyre pressure to around 35-36 PSI, rather than 38-40.

Protecting your engine

Diesels rely on a glow plug system to heat the air inside each combustion chamber within the engine. Signs of a possible issue here include harder starting in the morning, or after the vehicle has sat for longer periods.

PLEASE NOTE: If this system isn’t kept in check, you will place excess wear on the starter motor and battery with prolonged cranking times.

REMEMBER: Always let your diesel car glow. Confused how to “glow” your car before start up? It’s quite easy.

When you turn your ignition on (two clicks), a small light that resembles a coil will appear. The light must go out, indicating the glowing procedure has finished, before you turn the next click to start your engine.


Give us a call if anything seems off

You know your car. If you think something needs attention, chances are it probably does. Our friendly trained technicians can take a look. We only offer the highest quality workmanship at MB Star Motors, so your Benz will be in the best hands!

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