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Are you really ready for wet weather driving?


At MB Star Motors we pride ourselves on helping make sure clients aren’t experiencing unnecessary risk on the roads. While Mercedes Benz produce prestige vehicles celebrate innovative technology, regular maintenance remains essential.

According to the Government of Western Australia Road Safety Commission so far this year 75 lives have been lost on WA roads. Making sure your vehicle remains in peak condition is one way you can contribute to road safety.

We’ve put together a checklist outlining areas you should address for winter. Let our team know of any concerns you have regarding your vehicle. As a Mercedes Benz service and repair centre, our trained technicians excel at solving issues.


Mercedes Benz are all about vehicle safety, utilising the latest tech to ensure your vehicle delivers exquisite control. As an ever-evolving specialist market, we train to increase our knowledge of all Mercedes Benz and AMG model systems.

MB Star Motors is an accredited ATE Brake Centre, fitting the highest quality OEM brakes to your vehicle. A braking mishap can have terrible consequences. If anything about your vehicle’s response seems off, get in touch asap.


Mercedes Benz recommend tire replacement every six years, regardless of mileage. Signs you should replace tires earlier include treads losing depth and thinning, surface cracks, irregularities in shape, odd noises and falling air pressure levels.

We’ll fit your vehicle with the correct specialised Mercedes Benz tires for your model. Know that the wrong air pressure—too low or high—can impact the life of tires and their performance. Our prices are competitive, so give us a call.



Getting caught in a storm only to discover your wiper blades aren’t working, is the worst. Losing visibility on a rainy day can be dangerous. Check windshield wipers are in premium condition every 6 months, and if not, organise replacement.

Don’t forget to include rear window blade and headlight wipers (if applicable) when checking functionality. Mercedes Benz wipers are specifically designed to match the curve of the glass, so don’t settle for an inferior option.

Exterior lighting

Illumination is so important to road safety. Mercedes Benz’s revolutionary light technologies are an integral aspect of what makes these vehicles great. From replacing bulbs to diagnosing faults, we’ll confirm your car is ready to shine.

Are the switches for the exterior lighting on your car operational? Don’t wait till driving through a foggy night to discover technical issues. If you’re not 100 per cent sure where the switches are and what they do, our team can fill you in.

Remember the electronics

Don’t ignore any warning lights like ESP (electronic stability programme) or brake warning lights, as these systems assist with your vehicle safety on the road. That glow is your car’s way of saying it needs to come in for a visit.

Electronic faults and diagnostic repairs are also a key part of what we do. Know that we’re ready and waiting to take on the challenge, and provide a viable solution. Our trained technicians love to investigate!


See you soon

Remember, we’re a member of Liqui Moly’s Euromechanica network of European specialist workshops. You can trust the MB Star team’s brilliant care. Make contact, and together we’ll keep your pride and joy road ready this winter.

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