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Is your Mercedes Benz missing us?

Is your Mercedes Benz missing us?

Life has been chaotic. 2020 is proving a wild ride! Good news is, with the current lifting of restrictions in Western Australia, now is the perfect time to catch up on neglected routines. Maintaining vehicle reliability is a must, and we excel at providing consistent, quality care to Mercedes Benz and AMG models. Our clients know we deliver exquisite workmanship.

The talented team here at MB Star Motors have over 122 years of combined experience. And our customer service is on point! We’re ready to help you get back into the groove.


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Why servicing matters.

For many, changes caused by COVID19 saw car maintenance slide down the list of priorities. But a regular service helps retain the value of your car. In the long run, neglect costs more. Our mechanics never miss a beat. If they do run into an issue, expect detailed advice, and a reasonable quote. When required, we use high quality European parts and lubricants.


Prepping for cooler days.

Mercedes Benz design truly superior climate control systems. As the cooler weather rolls in, our team makes sure these systems remain in peak condition, for maximum efficiency. Heating and cooling functions require quality care, to avoid dust and bacteria build up. Make sure heating features of your Benz are ready for daily use as the temperature drops.


Let’s talk shop.

If your Mercedes has had a bit of Iso downtime, it may not be running as smoothly. A mysterious noise, slow cranking—let’s face it, nobody knows your car like you do. Suspect something is off? Don’t wait. Give us a call. We have the latest Mercedes Star Diagnostic equipment, and will figure out the issue before it becomes a problem.


Warranty lowdown.

With all the drama happening in the last few months, keeping up with regular maintenance probably fell by the wayside. Worried about where your warranty stands? Talk to our team.

We’ve had no interruptions to our trading as an essential business provider. MB Star Motors has been organising service and repairs without voiding warranties, including New Car Warranty.


Looking at an upgrade?

Before committing to a Mercedes, confirm the car under consideration is a sound investment. Set your mind at ease with our pre-purchase vehicle inspections. When considering a new Mercedes Benz, we can offer informed feedback on the model, and breakdown the details. Our livelihood is built on a passion for these luxury vehicles.


A workshop makeover.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to keep our premises top-notch. In May, High bay lights in our Balcatta workshop were replaced with a maximum light shedding LED version. The new lights use half the electricity of the old. Practical, and sleek. Shout out to Peter from Mpowered Electrical for coming in on a weekend, and doing a superb job.

Keep in touch.

Check out shots from MB Star Motors, including cars we’ve worked on, over at Instagram, keep up with what’s happening on our Facebook, and let’s stay connected through LinkedIn.

We’ll share what the team’s up to, and current special offers, while celebrating the unique details about Mercedes Benz that keep us constantly fascinated by these magnificent cars!


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