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5 mistakes people make with their Mercedes

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A misinformed decision can have serious repercussions when it comes to caring for your prestige vehicle. The good news, with the right choices your Mercedes Benz can run beautifully for years to come.

At MB Star Motors we’ve seen people accidentally void their warranty, damage their engine, or invest in a vehicle requiring costly repairs. All of these mistakes could have been avoided with the right information.

Not organising a pre-purchase inspection


Do you really know what’s under the hood of that used Mercedes you’re buying? Having a professional Mercedes mechanic check the overall safety and performance capabilities of a potential purchase makes financial sense.

The MB Star Motors team perform pre-purchase inspections, providing a comprehensive report outlining the vehicle’s condition. This way any undetected issues and potential repairs won’t break your budget in the near future.


Using cheap alternative parts

At MB Star Motors we use the latest Mercedes Star Diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the cause of any unclear faults and if necessary, high quality European parts are then installed, returning your vehicle to peak condition.

Our technicians use genuine and OEM parts, meaning “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. These are identical to genuine Mercedes Benz parts and are produced by the manufacturer of your original Mercedes parts.

Using cheap parts often means cost has been prioritised over quality. A cheap part created for any make of car could, in time, create other problems for a Mercedes Benz system. The parts may also lack warranty.

Forgetting to check fluid levels

A number of fluids are required to ensure your Mercedes Benz continues running smoothly. These include oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, air-con coolant, and windshield washer fluid.

A quality service by the professional team at MB Star Motors includes monitoring levels of fluids integral to vehicle maintenance. Over time, insufficient levels may risk costly damage to your engine.

If adding fluids yourself, invest in quality products. We cannot emphasise this enough: subpar options have the potential to cause costly harm. Your MB Star Motors technician will recommend products best suited to Mercedes Benz and AMG models.


Skipping a service

Regularly servicing your car is a necessity if you want to continue enjoying the same level of performance. Neglecting your service schedule means risking the development of unnecessary problems, and facing possible repair fees.

MB Star Motors are Liqui-Moly EuroMechanica partners, a network of European specialist workshops outside the dealer network. This means you can trust us with your prestige vehicle because our trained technicians specialise in Mercedes Benz care.

Accidentally voiding your warranty

The warranty for your Mercedes Benz includes conditions and exclusions. Take the time to read the fine print so you understand precisely what aspects are covered and what is required to maintain said coverage.

We guarantee bringing your new Mercedes Benz to MB Star Motors for service and repairs won’t void your warranty. But neglecting to service or care for your car correctly (i.e. using cheap parts) may put your warranty at risk.

MB Star Motors is here to help

If you have any questions about your Mercedes Benz and AMG models, feel free to reach out to our customer service team. We’d rather help our clients avoid a problem, than have to fix the fallout. Together we’ll make sure your prestige vehicle stays in fine form.

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